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We offer fast, effective and cost-friendly technology solutions to turn your engineering vision into reality and accompany you on your digital transformation journey. Services

Who We Are

EGEROBOT is a leading innovation company in the field of industrial automation and software solutions. With an approach that combines engineering excellence and technological innovation, we aim to be a strong support and reliable partner in the digital transformation processes of businesses. With our deep expertise in mechatronics and computer engineering, we offer innovative solutions for industrial facilities and businesses in their digital transformation journeys.

Our team consists of engineers specialized in mechatronics engineering, computer engineering and software development. This diversity strengthens our ability to create innovative solutions to complex engineering problems. We offer our customers solutions that will provide competitive advantage by using technologies such as industrial automation, robotic systems, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Office Office

EGEROBOT offers innovative creative pioneering high-tech and impressive solutions.

"We Shape the Future by Engineering Innovation. Join us on our journey of industrial solutions and technological excellence."

Real Time Monitoring and Warning Systems

Real-time monitoring and alerting systems are critical to increasing the operational efficiency and security of businesses. These systems detect potential problems at an early stage through continuous data collection and analysis, enabling action to be taken.


EGEROBOT offers advanced real-time monitoring and warning systems to increase the operational security of businesses, thus preventing potential problems with instant data analysis.


Software Development and Digital Transformation

Software development and digital transformation make business processes more effective, efficient and flexible, allowing businesses to respond quickly to market demands. Customer satisfaction increases and gives businesses a competitive advantage.


EGEROBOT, a pioneer in software development and digital transformation, increases the efficiency and competitiveness of its customers by digitizing their business processes and helps them adapt to the needs of the modern business world.


Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services offer businesses flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness in data storage, processing and management. Secure and accessible cloud solutions are one of the cornerstones of businesses' digital transformation strategies.


EGEROBOT supports businesses in their digital transformation journey by providing flexible, scalable and secure data storage and processing solutions with cloud computing services.


Industrial Automation and Control Systems

Industrial automation and control systems help reduce the operational costs of businesses by increasing the efficiency, quality and safety of production processes. These systems minimize error rates and increase production capacity by reducing manual operations.


With deep technical knowledge of industrial automation and control systems, EGEROBOT optimizes the production processes of businesses and provides competitive advantage by maximizing operational efficiency.


Project Management and Consultancy

Project management and consultancy services provide strategic support to businesses in the planning, implementation and completion processes of their projects. These services allow projects to be completed on time, within budget and in accordance with established quality standards.


With its project management and consultancy services, EGEROBOT enables businesses to complete complex projects on time and within budget, and plays a critical role in achieving their strategic goals.


Technical Service and Maintenance, Training Services

Technical service and maintenance services are important to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of businesses' systems and equipment. Training services, on the other hand, help businesses adapt to innovations in the sector by increasing the technical skills and technological competencies of employees.


EGEROBOT ensures continuous and effective operation of systems with technical service and maintenance services, and also ensures that its customers keep up with innovations in the sector by increasing their technological competencies with training services.